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Wednesday, September 4, 2019
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Summer is a time to relax, unwind, and prepare for the upcoming semester. But a good thing to keep in mind is that it is also a great time to take up some extracurriculars that showcase your interests as well as your strengths to the colleges you apply for. Now, you might be unsure what would look great on a resume, and given how precious time is, you don’t want to spend it on something meaningless. Thankfully, it’s not too complicated to pick out and follow through on some activities that will help set you apart in the application process.

  • Volunteer

Summer is an ideal time to volunteer. One reason this is a great activity is that volunteering showcases a variety of skills you may not otherwise have the chance to display. It is also a wonderful way of demonstrating your interests and passions. There are a variety of options when it comes to volunteering. Don’t pick something because it is convenient or because you think it will look good on your application, but find something that you are genuinely interested in. If you find something that relates to your degree, even better!

  • Intern

Without the restrictions of your class schedule, taking on an internship during the summer is a great way to give you some practical experience while providing a great addition to your application. If you aren’t sure what you want to do, google internship opportunities near you and look through all the available options until you find a few that interest you. Apply, see where you get accepted, and start there. If you know exactly what you want to major in, learn what would be a good internship and look for more specific opportunities.

  • Get Involved in Research

A great way to impress the college admission reviewers is to have research experience under your belt. This can be achieved as unofficially as contacting your high school teachers or community college professors and asking them to let you join them on their research projects.

  • Do Something Unexpected

Summer is a great time to branch out and try something new. Anything from a new sport to musical theater. Not only will this help you broaden your horizons, but it shows that you are not afraid to take chances and aim to be well-rounded—qualities that colleges are sure to look out for.

  • Take Classes at Your Community College

Most community colleges offer classes free of charge to high school students. Not only can these credits transfer, depending on which school you go to, but it’s the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with college-style classes. It also gives you the ability to see if the degree of your choice is something you want to pursue. Interested in criminal justice? Take the intro class! Not sure if you want to go into nutrition or computer science? You have the ability to take both and see which one draws you in more. And to top it off, it shows colleges that you are a serious student who is more than capable of handling college-level courses.There are dozens of suggestions of how to best utilize your summer in regards to your college application. In the end, it comes down to how you want to present yourself. Do something that you are genuinely interested in, and that enables you to showcase that interest. Be creative; the only wrong answer is to do nothing.

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