Extracurricular Activities and Staying Active Part 2
Adam Grossman
Saturday, July 27, 2019
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In the previous blog, examples were given of extracurricular activities available to students and why they play such a crucial role in the admission process. In the second part of this blog, the most major advantages that a student could develop will be covered along with the importance of extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are the norm for the majority of kids and are most beneficial the earlier that they are enrolled in it.

On a regular basis, nearly 6 out of 10 kids aged 6-17 participate in at least one activity on a regular basis. An estimated average, children, and teens aged 5 to 18 devote about five hours each week to extracurricular activities. This is important to students because it plays an important role in shaping developmental interests and passion outside of the classroom. With endless activities and advantages, negative results are few as long as time is managed, goals are prioritized and parents are willing to shell out the funds to meet their child’s needs. Some of the most major advantages include:

  1. Time Management - Time management has always been the number one problem in the lives of many people. However, there are a few people who manage time like a pro. In fact, they place time management as a key to success. It is important to introduce time management as early as possible so that students can better handle course workload. This is key in the case that the student might take on extra extracurricular activities while attending college.
  2. Self-Exploration – The ability to self-explore leads to a diverse selection of personal talents. These include activities such as musical instruments, singing, dancing, skating, ice skating, skateboarding, cheerleading, sports activities, etc. Said activities are some of the greatly diverse extracurricular activities that students can join. The world is filled with endless possibilities to experience and learn from.
  3. Commitment Fulfilment – Extracurricular activities are the best method to develop this ability in high school students and beyond. Students use dedication and time management to complete both schoolwork and extracurricular work. The ability to show dedication is as important as making the commitment in the first place. Enhancement of the ability to fulfill commitments leads to personal growth that develops confidence and self-esteem within students.

An observant person will notice that these are a distinct set of talents. This gives the perfect platform to high school graduates that wish to understand and explore themselves. If you explore yourself, you are bound to have a clearer picture of how you envision your upcoming college experience. Thus, it is important for today’s generation to develop the ability to fulfill their commitments. Being a reliable employee and student speaks volumes about you. Benefits are as follows:

  1. Personal Growth – Students who show great care for their friends and peers developed the attitude of thinking about others over time. Getting involved in group activities accelerates development of this trait. This learned attribute is developed through group activities,where students learn to share and care about each other. It also teaches strength in numbers and how working well with others can lead to great benefits of self. One study found that nearly 31% of students who participated in a group had a GPA of 3.0 or higher, compared to just 11% of students who had no extracurricular involvement.
  2. Confidence & Self Esteem – When students feel that they don’t have any talents, it affects their confidence and they suffer academically. Not all students are academic dynamos, which is why it’s important to ingrain the use of outside activities. Thus allowing the individual to feel capable of excelling at something. Academic grades are important but so is well-roundedness. The student needs to realize that they have a talent, but they’re never going to find that if they aren’t enrolled in an outside activity
  3. Social Comfort – Finding social comfort is key for a student to be the best version of themselves. Within the comfort of a group, students will find others that share similar mindsets and things in common. This comes in handy when faced with the aspect of bullying. Bullying in high school is very common and despite steps taken by the school, it still exists. That being said, as it is an action that may or may not always exist, it is important for students to be involved in groups where the group itself acts as a support system. Within the group, activities play an important role in improving the social behavior of the students.

The real question that parents may ask themselves is how to best prepare their child? Well, extracurricular activities are the solution. Enrollment in extracurricular activities means that the children will have the comfort of a group that shares a similar talent as them. As a result, children will find someone to confide in and talk to. The feeling of comradery and being a part of something bigger than themselves. Activities also look great to colleges. They improve the college application, providing it with well-roundedness. This aids in the applicants' acceptance decision over an application that has none. Colleges want their students to do a little more than average.

Action speaks volumes, the mere mention of extracurricular activities on an admission application has the ability to increase the chances of the students’ acceptance. The introduction of outside opportunities in a student’s life allows them future preparation for college life, and eventually their prospective careers. Extracurricular activities instill many qualities in a student and build the type of person that they aspire to be. This will teach them to go for activities that they excel at and will ensure that they stand out from the pack. Showcasing their talents will enable them to capture attention during the admissions process and land the college of their dreams. To read more informative and helpful articles, please take a moment to subscribe to our page to receive notifications for our weekly blog.

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